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Overhaul, maintenance and sales by Cro-Tech

The specialist in the field of overhaul, sale and maintenance of pumps and pump systems.

Completely independent sales consultants

Cro-Tech offers you extensive service options for your pump or pump system.

Sale of pumps and pump installations

Your one-stop shop for the overhaul and maintenance of pumps or pump systems.

Who is Cro-Tech?

Cro-Tech, founded in 2000, is a leading company in the field of overhaul and maintenance of pumps, pump systems, valves and fittings.

We also sell pumps, pump systems, valves and fittings, and you can count on completely brand-independent consultancy.

More information about Cro-Tech

Why Cro-Tech?

  • VCA-certified
  • Member of the Metaalunie
  • Completely independent sales consultants
  • Completely independent service partner
  • Test rig developed and constructed in-house
Atex pumps?

You can also contact Cro-Tech for work in Atex zones and overhaul of your Atex pumps. We recently had our technicians certified again for work in Atex zones and repairs to Atex pumps. If you have problems with your pumps or pump systems, we can help you with this. If you have any questions, you [Lees meer]

The 1st working week of the new year is almost over.

Cro-Tech will be ready for you again in 2021. Interesting damage images are always kept at Cro-Tech. These are used by us to show our customers what can go wrong if the pumps are used incorrectly, and to train our technicians.


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