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Extensive service options

Cro-Tech offers you extensive service options for your pump or pump system, including technical support in the event of malfunctions and plant shutdowns, maintenance and optimisation services, and inventory management. Each and every one of them is designed to extend the lifespan of your equipment, reduce costs and ensure continuity.

It goes without saying that the needs of your company are central in putting together a service package. The options include:


That’s the level of commitment you get when you sign a service contract with us. Our service engineers are ready to support you in the event of breakdowns and factory shutdowns.

Maintenance contract

With a maintenance contract, your pumps and pump systems remain as good as new while being cost-efficient. A maintenance contract is fully tailored to your organisation and can consist of periodic inspections, replacement of worn and replaceable parts, preventive maintenance, emergencies and agreements on response time in the event of breakdowns.

Optimisation services

After a thorough analysis, Cro-Tech can optimise your pump package. This enables us to improve the operation of the system and increase its reliability. We use our knowledge of materials and pumping processes, and our extensive experience in damage assessment. Naturally, this also applies to your fittings.

Alignment service

The alignment of the pump (system), pump components such as shafts and the drive system is necessary for the trouble-free operation of a pump or pump system. We have high-precision laser equipment for aligning pumps and pump systems. You will receive an alignment report upon request, which we are happy to explain.

Installation service

With our installation service you can rest assured that a pump or pump system is installed correctly and safely. A correct installation prevents start-up problems, guarantees correct operation, avoids unnecessary repairs and maintenance, and extends the lifespan of your pump or pump system.


In our workshop we have a test facility, developed and built in-house, in order to extensively test and analyse almost any type of pump, valve or fitting. This enables us to find out whether a pump, valve or fitting functions and performs optimally. Pumps, valves and fittings that have been repaired or overhauled in our workshop can be tested in this facility. You will receive a test report upon request.

More information about our test rig? Click here to watch the video.


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